Monday, October 5, 2009

Have You Heard of the Lunch Bunch?

I love facebook - I use it for my business but also to stay in touch with friends. I love discovering new shops as well as new artists and recently found Ana Bagayan. Her art has quickly become one of my favorites.

Ana is also one of the duo who make up the Lunch Bunch
- they pack and deliver lunch once a week to the homeless in Los Angeles, California. And, when there are funds left over, the Lunch Bunch reinvests it in the form of clothing and other supplies that the homeless community can use. I was more than impressed and decided to donate what I could for their lunches that week and future weeks.

I love to keep up with their blog and read about their progress - I hope you will too - its a great way to stay in touch with new friends!

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Petra said...

I'm glad you resumed posting again, Amy!!