Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dilly in a bag - The New Tote by oblinaknit

Miss Dilly is up to her silly tricks again - this time I found her in one of my store-bought handbags, and so when I started to sew last week, I designed a little market tote in honor of Dilly Dahlia's love of bags and name it after her! These little beauties will add some style to your outfit and help you tote your groceries or whatever you want!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here is a new set I knit form one of my fav MCY yarns - hand-dyed wool and silk blend in beautiful jewel tone rusts and browns - I love the skullcap/flapper look of these hats I designed...I always try and add a different element but keep the same basic style - this one has a little flower at the brim - tres chic!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ascocentrum Pumilum Blooms!

woohoo! I was watering my pants this morning (to which I have been a bit neglectful) and look what I found - my little guy has blooms!

I got him from the lovely sapphirechild of etsy as just a little green guy on his piece of bark...and now he looks exactly like her pic of the bloom! I am so excited to see the little flowers - can you tell?

here are some specifics on him from her etsy listing:

Ascocentrum pumilum is a miniature species in the vandaceous group that can be grown in intermediate-warm conditions in Phalaenopsis level light (East or West facing window)."

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Here are my two sillies - acting very nice for the camera, of course!

I did it!

Well, I finally did it- I started a blog. It has been a busy holiday show season following a great summer at the outdoor market- I can't wait to start the market again this spring!

I have been adding new stuff to etsy daily (or trying to!) And, I am drooling over a ton of new fabrics ...and more on the way - yippee! And now, here is a bit more about me...

Creating stuff is my passion - I am a self-professed fabric whore (I think my fabric stash is going to take over the apartment any minute now). I love to sew and knit, and also do hand-created jewelry. I have 2 adorable cats who think they are people - Ken and Dahlia.

Ken (the one in the hat) wants to have his own column- being the diva that he is - so once a week, I may start an 'Ask Ken" column, of course now, he is going to want a new hat! So send in your questions to Ken....