Saturday, January 5, 2008

I did it!

Well, I finally did it- I started a blog. It has been a busy holiday show season following a great summer at the outdoor market- I can't wait to start the market again this spring!

I have been adding new stuff to etsy daily (or trying to!) And, I am drooling over a ton of new fabrics ...and more on the way - yippee! And now, here is a bit more about me...

Creating stuff is my passion - I am a self-professed fabric whore (I think my fabric stash is going to take over the apartment any minute now). I love to sew and knit, and also do hand-created jewelry. I have 2 adorable cats who think they are people - Ken and Dahlia.

Ken (the one in the hat) wants to have his own column- being the diva that he is - so once a week, I may start an 'Ask Ken" column, of course now, he is going to want a new hat! So send in your questions to Ken....

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