Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ascocentrum Pumilum Blooms!

woohoo! I was watering my pants this morning (to which I have been a bit neglectful) and look what I found - my little guy has blooms!

I got him from the lovely sapphirechild of etsy as just a little green guy on his piece of bark...and now he looks exactly like her pic of the bloom! I am so excited to see the little flowers - can you tell?

here are some specifics on him from her etsy listing:

Ascocentrum pumilum is a miniature species in the vandaceous group that can be grown in intermediate-warm conditions in Phalaenopsis level light (East or West facing window)."

1 comment:

glitteryblue hand created jewelry said...

amy, this is so beautiful! what a lovely way to brighten up your window during this wintery weather!
i will have to come over and check it out!