Friday, May 28, 2010

oblinaknit hits the road for Independence Day!

It's official - oblinaknit will be a vendor at Bazaar Bizarre in conjunction with the Larchmere Festival on Saturday July 3rd in the Cleveland Ohio so get your summer plans in gear and prepare to accessorize!

This is my second time doing a Bazaar Bizarre show in Cleveland and I am oh-so excited yet again - I had a blast when I was there this past winter and cannot wait to see more of the city this time - don't tell my work, but I plan to make a LOOONG weekend of it....after all, this may be my only chance at a vacation this summer!.  So..... if anyone has suggestions on where to go and what to see...let me know!

See you in the Cleve!

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Petra said...

Hey Amy, I think Connie who makes the spoolie dolls lives in Cleveland... she'll sure know what do to and see! Have fun!!