Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Iced Coffee - A Tutorial!

Well, it is finally warm and not raining, so what could be better than enjoying my favorite Vietnamese Iced Coffee! I had always ordered this yummy treat when out a local Vietnamese restaurants, and then, I discovered I could make it at home!

It is very simple, just gather the following ingredients and wares:
Cafe Du Monde ground coffee (it's the one in that bright mustard-color can) - you can use other coffee but I have found this is the most popular used by restaurants here in the area)
Condensed milk - I favor the 'black & white' brand from my local Thai grocery - but you can choose your fav!
Metal individual drip coffee maker - these can be found in restaurant supply stores and are easy to find in the Asian grocery stores here

Okay, so now we have everything! Grab a tall glass (check to make sure your metal coffee maker fits on top) and add about 1/4-1/2" of the condensed milk to the bottom (I prefer less as I do not like my coffee really sweet - but add it to your taste as you test out a few coffees yourself!)

Place the metal drip cup on top of the glass (leave the filter insert out) and spoon in 2 heaping teaspoons of coffee.

Add the filter on top (do not press down to compact) and add your hot water - I have a Japanese hot pot that keeps water at a high temperature all the time - I love it - great when you need water for tea, oatmeal, etc and you never have to deal with boiling it.(My cat Dahlia loves the hotpot too - she thinks it is her new hot date!)

I add enough water to the top of the rim, and then a bit more for some extra yummy coffee - once the water flows through the coffee grounds into you glass , carefully remove the metal drip container (it will be hot from the hot water - doh!).

Now, before you do anything else grab a spoon to mix the milk (which is layered on the bottom) and the coffee - stir and swirl til you get all the condensed milk mixed in,

Grab some ice (I like to buy the big bags of ice from the grocery since I go through so much ice during summer making these)and fill your glass, add a fun straw, and you have a yummy, Vietnamese Iced Coffee to enjoy!

Feel free to add any variations you enjoy in my comments section - this is the recipe that works for my taste and I would love to hear others!


Anonymous said...

That sounds SO yummy and very much like Thai Tea that I get at our local Thai restaurant. I love your cat, too - don't they find the craziest spots? **Helena

Lucy said...

I love iced coffee!! My dad has been making it since as far back as I can remember. When I was little I didn't like coffee but I always managed to drink iced coffee, such a tasty way to drink it!

Krissi said...

Thank you SOOOO much for posting this tutorial! I'll let you know when I'm successful in making my own batch of "liquid crack."


Krissi & Skelekitty