Monday, February 9, 2009


What a great weekend - the weather here was beautiful - I got alot of stuff done around the house and was able to work on some of my hand knit wire jewelry line - Breathless. Here is a peek at some of the bracelets I finished yesterday - They are available at The Artisans of McLean - more to come!


Nightmare Anthology said...

Just have to say that your cat - Kenneth - is the greatest cat I've ever seen (love the photo w/the fruit hat).


oblinaknit said...

Thanks - he is quite the model - you can see him in a dog collar in one of my earlier posts

he was a bit cranky that day though!

(But he does love to try on things that I make - he wore that hat for close to 45 minutes after I made it and placed it on his head - no fastener either - its just sitting atop his cute little head)

Bonny (Bonny Jewelry) said...

Beautiful pieces - love the color catching stones in the middle!