Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blue Replaces Kenneth the Model - Part 2


Last week I wrote about my little man Ken who helped model the test collar for Blue - a very friendly greyhound.

This week, you get to meet Blue and see him model his very own collar - he is quite handsome and loves the camera! Blue is a lovely fellow with lots of energy and he is really enjoying his new life with the couple who adopted him from
Greyhound Pets of America- Northern Virginia - now he gets treats and has his own toys! His parents wanted a 2" Martingale collar for him so after they choose some very cool Japanese kawaii fabric with little hippos on black canvas, I set out to make a collar for them.

First stop, Creative Designworks - they offer a great selection of hardware and instructions for dog collars. I was able to get a set of instructions to explain the Martingale construction as well as some extra hardware in the size I needed for Blue.

The pattern I got was very straightforward and has pictures to help with the adjuster buckle and d-ring placement. I had to change some of the pattern pieces sizes to accomodate the wider collar -plus this particular fabric is a cotton canvas and has a nubby a few additional tweaks and the collar was complete!

You can see Blue modeling his new collar at The Reston Market at Lake Anne in northern Virginia. This is a great farmer's and crafter's market occurring every Saturday thru November - it is worth the short trip if you are in the DC metro area.


chelmcp said...

Wow, that is an awesome looking collar on such a handsome dog! Your talents never cease to amaze me! I'm so happy I have such a talented friend. =)

Petra said...

Very cute!! Both the collar and Blue!
Can't reach Ken, though! I have the card you sent me with his pic and the "Lucullus" hat hanging at my new office desk - he's very popular with the other office girls, lol!!
All these "awww!"s and "how cute!"s etc... they should now what he really is like, hehe! ;)

The Beading Tree said...

Blue is a cutie and really looks good in that 2" collar. Not many dogs can wear them that large, but he looks very handsome in it!! Super job making it!!