Monday, February 4, 2008

woohoo - more fabric arrived!

I came home in a crappy mood today - but not for long - I had a box of new fabrics waiting for me! Yay! I already have a bag cut out, and if I can get Miss Dilly out of my chair - I may be able to sew tonight. I love new stacks of fabric - so much to do!


Winniel said...

Love those fabrics!!! Are they Amy Butler's? I've never used one b4, n only started hearing them from Etsy, I'm also a "fabric-aholic" lol....

If u dont mind sharing, I'd love to know which seller u got them from ;)

Good Luck on your new projects with them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I am thinking of asking for a custom stash-it bag with that cherry fabric. Would that be possible? Should I convo you on etsy?